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Alex Kuhlow, founder of Threads of Hope, Inc., and his wife, Chris, have been missionaries in the Philippines since 1998.

In 2003, they met Alona, a beach vendor who crafted and sold bracelets to tourists. During one of their trips, they learned that a friend of Alona, who was also a vendor, was unable to sell enough bracelets to support her family and had resorted to prostitution. This motivated Alex to take action. He ordered $100 worth of bracelets from Alona, realizing that this amount could sustain her family for an entire month.

Image © Threads of Hope

Image © Threads of Hope

Empowering girls living in the Philippines

Alex and Chris brought bracelets to their supporters and encouraged them to sell them for a profit. They then returned to Alona with the profits and asked her to make $1000 worth of bracelets. Alona enlisted the help of her friends and family, providing them with steady work.

As they continued to order and sell the bracelets in the States, Threads of Hope was established as a non-profit in 2007. Alex, as Executive Director, manages product orders and communication with customers, while Pastor Al in the Philippines shares the community’s needs with Alex to determine how to best meet them.

Together, they have established a church, built a ministry center, started a school for 7-12th graders, and provided clean water for the community through a well. Chris serves on the Board of Directors and is involved in promotions and record-keeping. When people sell the bracelets as fundraisers, they not only support their own cause but also the needs of impoverished families globally. It’s a win-win organisation. Want to learn more?

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With poverty and lack of education prevalent in the Philippines, many children are pushed into dire circumstances to meet their families basic needs. This can lead them to prostitution as they feel it’s their only option. The absence of parents who travel far for work leaves the kids vulnerable to exploitation, perpetuating the poverty cycle.

However, your support in buying a friendship bracelet through us can help us help Threads of Hope to break this cycle. Your purchase offers dignified work to families, allowing them to avoid exploitation and focus on education for a better future. By us buying friendship bracelets from Threads of Hope, we are helping them directly impact over 200 families through initiatives in education, public health, community development, and spiritual growth.

Every product you buy is crafted by someone whose life you’re transforming.