Our Makers

How do we choose which products we offer in our shop?
The curating process…

Our shop offers a unique selection of products that transcend being just beautiful gifts. Behind every item we sell, there is a story to tell. By choosing to purchase from us, you are not only acquiring a meaningful product but also contributing to a positive change in the world.

Each of our products is designed and crafted with care by talented artisans, and by buying from us, you are helping support their business. We partner with other social enterprises, small business owners and non-profits. Your support to our business has a ripple effect that helps us to make a difference in the world as we also donate 50% of our profits to The Fig Tree Children.

At the heart of our business are real people – talented artisans from diverse communities around the globe. Our product range spans across various regions including Kenya, Guatemala, the Philippines, Mexico, Kashmir, India and Australia.

Each of our artisans has a unique story to tell and possesses exceptional skills and craftsmanship that make our products stand out.

We take great pride in curating products that not only meet our high standards but also align with our values. We carefully select products based on their social, ethical, and/or environmental impact, ensuring that each brand meets our criteria. 

We hope that by choosing to purchase from us, you not only get to experience the beauty and quality of our products but are also behind our mission to support and promote the artisans and small businesses that supply us, promoting ethical and sustainable practices in the global marketplace.

Passing the credibility test

Credibility means that they are doing what they say they are doing, and we have done our best to validate this. Kenana Knitters was the first brand I offered in my shop and was also the inspiration for this idea. You can read about this here.

Now we have a core group of amazing artisans, and we continue to grow and source more. It isn’t always easy to connect with the artisan themselves, so we sometimes partner with standard validated external bodies who have an association with the artisan directly.

Our partners are making an impact for good through one, some or all of these standards.

1. Decent work and economic growth (SDG 8)

These brands are intentional in promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

Photo © Kenana Knitters – handcrafting knitter critters

Photo © Threads of Hope – friendship bracelet weaving

2. Crafted by hand

Our products frequently incorporate the artisanal expertise of the local region, preserving these time-honoured practices and highlighting their artistic value. Hours of meticulous design and labour go into crafting each product. The remarkable quality and craftsmanship of these products are truly extraordinary.

3. Sustainable for the environment

While our primary emphasis is on people, we recognise that caring for our planet has repercussions both for the environment and individuals, especially those who are most affected by the negative impacts of climate change.

Our brands are making significant strides in this regard by using organic cotton, non-toxic and natural dyes, and sourcing raw materials locally. Moreover, we package your orders using compostable materials and utilise carbon-neutral delivery services to reduce our carbon footprint.

Photo © Kenana Knitters – naturally dying homespun wool

Photo © Threads of Hope

4. Not-for-profit

Some of our products are sourced from not-for-profit organisations that use the proceeds from sales to benefit the communities of skilled artisans who create them.

One such partner is Threads of Hope, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit that purchases friendship bracelets made by girls in the Philippines. This provides dignified work for families, helping them avoid exploitation, and providing them with opportunities to pursue education and improve their lives. So by purchasing one of our friendship bracelets, you’re not only getting a beautiful accessory, but you’re also directly supporting over 200 families. Learn more here.


5. Fair Trade

Numerous fair-trade certifications exist, and you might have encountered some of them before. The primary purpose of these certifications is to evaluate a business’s ethical practices and ensure they meet certain criteria, such as providing a safe work environment, prohibiting child labor, offering fair wages, and supporting community development. By partnering with registered Fair Trade organisations, we ensure the products we source through them meet Fair Trade Principles. Better World Arts, one of our product suppliers is endorsed by the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand and also Fair Traders Association Australia.
Our Aboriginal Art suppliers are members of the Indigenous Art Code, which preserves and promotes the ethical trade of Indigenous Art. Artists receive royalties for every sale.

Photo © Better World Arts – One of their amazing artists.

Photo © Novica

6. Handcrafted by women

Our products are primarily made by women. By receiving a fair income, these women are empowered to be financially independent and not rely on their husbands or male family members. This also enables them to provide education for their children, creating a positive impact on the entire community. As per the World Bank, educating girls and keeping them in school is crucial in the fight against global poverty.


Our Makers & Suppliers

Kenana Knitters (Kenana Down Under)

Threads of Hope

Lopez Garcia Family (Novica)

Better World Arts
Australia & Kashmir

Catch Coeur
Sydney & Paris

Komang Sri (Novica)

Sow 'n Sow
Queensland, Australia

Mayan Legacy

Twigg Puzzles
Queensland, Australia

Community Projects Worldwide
Queensland, Australia

Glass On The Grass

Zaya and Kai
New South Wales, Australia

Melbourne, Australia