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50% of our profits are donated to
The Fig Tree Children

Knitter Critters

Helping provide employment for Kenana Knitter ladies in rural Kenya

Mayan Legacy Mexican Hammocks

Helping provide employment for Mayan Legacy families living in rural Mexico

Outdoor Cotton

Handwoven with outdoor cotton string. Made for heavy use or play in the great outdoors. 

French Doll Necklaces

Stylish and Chic French Doll necklaces made in Sydney, dressed in Paris.

Worry Dolls from Guatemala

Very cute Worry dolls are lovingly made by the Lopez Garcia family in Guatemala.

Friendship Bracelets

Unique handwoven bracelets are lovingly made by girls and women in the Philippines and sourced through Threads of Hope.

Wooden Hearts from Bali

Beautiful wooden hearts lovingly hand-carved by Komang Sri in Bali, Indonesia.

Seed Cards from Maleny, QLD

Beautiful and purposeful gifting that doesn’t cost the planet

Sustainable clothing from Byron Bay, NSW

Conscious clothing for women

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From cozy knits to eco-friendly toys, each item is crafted with utmost attention to detail. They’re perfect for treating yourself or for gifting to someone special. 💖

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Introducing our adorable Cream Lion Comforter! 🦁 It’s the perfect snuggle buddy for your little one’s cosy moments. This cuddly companion is hand-knitted with 100% organic cotton and uses bio-friendly dyes. Not only is it super soft on the skin, but it’s also kind to the planet 🌿💚.

And guess what? It’s only $35.00! But that’s not all. We’re also donating 50% of our profits to The Fig Tree Children, an organization that supports at-risk kids in Sierra Leone. ❤️🌍

So, not only will your child have a friend to snuggle with, but you’ll also be making a difference in the lives of children in need! 💫

Ready to shop and spread the love? Just tap the and let the snuggling begin! 💖

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Meet Stella Wambia! 🌟

Stella joined the Kenana Knitters family in 2012, introduced by her friend and neighbor, Purity Wachuka. As a mother of 4 and wife to Paul, a veterinary technician, Stella beautifully balances her daily activities while knitting exquisite pieces. Her dedication ensures her family is well provided for, all while doing what she loves. 🧶💖

“I really like knitting, especially for Kenana. It doesn’t clash with my day-to-day activities, and with the income I receive, I can ensure that my family is well provided for.” - Stella Wambia

Discover the heart and hands behind our products. 🌿✨
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Meet the adorable Rascal Koala! 🐨 At just 12cm tall, this little guy is made from 100% Organic Cotton and hand-knitted with love using bio-friendly dyes. Filled with soft, new acrylic, he’s perfect for cuddles and the environment too. 🌏💚

What’s even better? When you buy a Rascal Koala for $29.95, you’re not just getting a cute companion; you’re also supporting a great cause! 50% of the profits will be donated to The Fig Tree Children, helping provide opportunities for at-risk children and youth in Sierra Leone. 🌟✨

Grab yours today and make a difference! 🛒❤️

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Meet our adorable and eco-friendly Spider Tiger! 🕷️🐯

Hand-knitted with love using 100% Kenyan homespun wool and natural plant dyes, this unique critter is the perfect blend of charm and sustainability. Available in Medium (40cm) and Small (29cm), each Spider Tiger is one-of-a-kind, just like you! 💚

Bonus: 50% of all profits go to The Fig Tree Children, supporting at-risk youth in Sierra Leone. Every purchase makes a difference! 🌍

Shop now and spread the love! 💕

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One of @kenana.knitters handcrafting knitter critters. ✨

Our products proudly embody the artisanal expertise of our local community, preserving these time-honoured traditions and showcasing their artistic beauty. Each piece is a labour of love, reflecting hours of meticulous design and craftsmanship. The remarkable quality and artistry of our products are a testament to the dedication and skill of our artisans.

Support our artisans and bring home a piece of their extraordinary work today!

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Meet your new favorite cuddle buddy - our Homespun Wool Shamba (Farm) Cow! 🐄🌿

Hand-knitted with love using 100% Kenyan wool and eco-friendly natural plant dyes, these adorable cows come in three sizes: Large (40cm sitting), Medium (20cm sitting), and Small (17cm sitting). Each piece is unique, making them extra special! 💚

But that’s not all – 50% of profits from every purchase go directly to The Fig Tree Children, providing vital opportunities for at-risk children and youth in Sierra Leone.

Shop now and make a difference! 🌍✨

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Spread love with purpose! 💖✨ Introducing our Heart Card (Silver, Gold, Red), a stunning fusion of art and craftsmanship. Each card features a hand-crafted heart, designed by an Aboriginal artist and skillfully made in the Kashmir Valley.

For each card sold, the indigenous artist receives royalties. Being made in Kashmir, it’s also supporting a community there who specialises in paper mache.

Plus, 50% of profits is donated to @TheFigTreeChildren, helping at-risk children and youth in Sierra Leone. Let’s make a difference together! Shop now and share the love. 💕 #HeartCard #ArtWithPurpose #ShopForACause

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Add a touch of old-school charm and natural beauty to your garden with Sow ‘n Sow’s Wildflowers Gift of Seeds 🌼. This cute vintage-inspired greeting card comes with easy-to-grow seeds of Californian poppy, cosmos, and alyssum, all beautifully illustrated by Melbourne artist Daniella Germain 🌿.

Not only does this lovely gift encourage a connection with nature and the fun of gardening, but it also supports a great cause. 🌍 50% of profits are being donated to The Fig Tree Children, providing opportunities for at-risk youth in Sierra Leone.

Check out the link in the bio or the link below to get yours! 🛍️


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Penelope Peacock! 🦚✨

This wooden hand-drawn jigsaw puzzle from Twigg Puzzles is not just a game but a masterpiece waiting to be unveiled. Perfect as a gift or a treat for yourself! Plus, with 50% of profits going to The Fig Tree Children, every piece contributes to a brighter future. 🌟

Shop now!

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