The Fig Tree Gift Shop

Beautiful & unique hand-crafted gifts, made by skilled artisans from different corners of the world.

Your purchase goes beyond just the product. It not only helps support the small businesses we source our products from, we also donate 50% of our profits to The Fig Tree Children who are providing orphaned and vulnerable children in Sierra Leone with opportunities to thrive.

About Us

Hi, I’m Jane. I live in Brisbane, Australia with my husband, Jeremy, our son, Harry and our dog, Leila. Thank you for visiting my Gift Shop, I know you’re going to love all the gifts I’ve selected for you. Not only are they all gorgeous, but each one is sustainably and ethically made and is supporting the talented artisans, small businesses and social enterprises I source the products from. Also, please have a look at The Fig Tree Children website and see who your purchase will also be helping. A combination of loving the products and wanting to raise funds to help The Fig Tree Children after they leave school is my inspiration for this social enterprise. Our Story.

Have fun shopping!

Who your purchase is supporting

We donate 50% of our profits to The Fig Tree Children.

The Fig Tree Children are currently supporting 85 orphaned and vulnerable children and youths in Sierra Leone. Through a sponsorship scheme, they are paying school or tertiary education fees and provide school materials every year. They also support the children’s carers by paying them an allowance every month to help care for the child. They now have the challenge of helping the children after leaving school realise their dreams and become self-sufficient in a country where 60% of youths are unemployed.

The Fig Tree Gift Shop is another way we are raising funds for their cause.

So far we have donated $9,465.

Here you can see some of the young people we’re supporting:

Studying nursing

Studying IT

Diploma in Banking & Finance

Studying nursing

Our Makers & Suppliers

Kenana Knitters (Kenana Down Under)

Threads of Hope

Lopez Garcia Family (Novica)

Better World Arts
Australia & Kashmir

Catch Coeur
Sydney & Paris

Komang Sri (Novica)

Sow 'n Sow
Queensland, Australia

Mayan Legacy

Twigg Puzzles
Queensland, Australia

Community Projects Worldwide
Queensland, Australia

Glass On The Grass

Zaya and Kai
New South Wales, Australia


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Sustainable skincare alert! 🌿 Introducing our Organic Reusable Face Wipes! Handmade with love by Forrest’s small business, the DO IT Company in Qingdao, China. Each pack of 5 is crafted from organic Bamboo/Hemp Charcoal Fleece. 💚

Not only are you reducing waste, but 50% of profits are being donated to @TheFigTreeChildren, supporting orphaned and vulnerable youth in Sierra Leone, a country with 70% youth unemployment. Make a difference with every swipe! Tap the link in bio to shop now!

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Embark on a journey with us as we share the heartfelt origins of The Fig Tree Gift Shop and The Fig Tree Children.

It all began with an eye-opening trip to Sierra Leone in 2006, where I witnessed the transformative power of empowering women and children at grassroots levels. Inspired by the resilience and potential I saw, I founded The Fig Tree Children charity in 2015, dedicated to providing better opportunities for orphaned and vulnerable children in Sierra Leone.

Over the years, with unwavering support and dedication, The Fig Tree Children has grown, impacting the lives of 85 young individuals and their caregivers. From humble beginnings, the Fig Tree Gift Shop emerged as a beacon of hope, offering ethically-made products sourced directly from skilled artisans and social enterprises worldwide. Each purchase from our shop contributes to our vision of creating a more equitable and sustainable tomorrow.

Join us in spreading love, empowerment, and positive change one gift at a time. 🌿💫

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Bring a touch of the wild into your home with our Safari Shelf Elephant! Hand-knitted with love from 100% Kenyan wool and eco-friendly dyes, each one is unique. Available in Large, Medium, and Small sizes. 🌿

Get yours now and help make a difference – 50% of profits support @TheFigTreeChildren providing opportunities for orphaned and vulnerable children and youth in Sierra Leone. 🌟

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Meet Purity Wachuka, one of our talented knitters at Kenana Knitters since 2000! 🧶 Her dedication and skill shine through in every hand-knitted piece. As our Knitters Record Keeper, she ensures quality and precision in every stitch.

Through her work, Purity has not only provided for her family but also invested in her children`s education and a home for her loved ones. Join us in celebrating her incredible journey and craftsmanship!

#KenanaKnitters #ArtisanCrafts #handmadewithlove

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Say goodbye to wine glass spills at your outdoor events with these genius Four Resin Coasters – Gentleman’s from Glass on the Grass! Slide one on, and enjoy worry-free sipping on grass, sand, or by the pool. 🌊✨

Even better, 50% of profits support The Fig Tree Children in Sierra Leone. Click the link in my bio to shop now.

Cheers to making a positive impact! 🥂💫

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Unleash the magic of storytelling with these Homespun Wool Hand Puppets! 🌈🧤 Each puppet is a masterpiece - 100% Kenyan wool, dyed with eco-friendly plant colours, and lovingly hand-knitted to life. Embrace the uniqueness, as no two knitter critters are the same!

Best part? Your purchase does double duty! 50% of the proceeds go to The Fig Tree Children, an organisation changing lives in Sierra Leone. 🤝

Let your playtime make a positive impact. Grab yours now and join us in creating smiles and brighter futures! 🛍️💖

#HandmadeJoy #PuppetsWithAPurpose #ShopForChange #SocialEnterpriseAustralia #TheFigTreeGiftShop

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Carry a pop of colour with purpose! Introducing the Lined Sisal Bag – a stylish fusion of tradition and trend. 🌟

The 25cm tall beauty is not just a fashion statement; it’s a commitment to change. 🤝 50% of profits go to @thefigtreechildren, empowering at-risk youth in Sierra Leone. ❤️✨

Grab yours now and let’s make a difference together!

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Introducing Hellen Wangui, a master knitter from @kenana.knitters since 2005. From spider giraffes to rainbow rabbits, every creation is a testament to her skill and dedication. At 22, she joined to care for her 2-year-old daughter. Now a proud mother of 4, Hellen and her husband provide a beautiful life through their craft. 🌈🦒🐒

#KenanaArtisans #CraftingDreams #HandmadeWithLove #kenanaknitters

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Acknowledgement of Traditional Land Owners

The Fig Tree Gift Shop acknowledges and pays respect to the Turrbal and Jagera People, the traditional owners of Meanjin (Brisbane) the land where we are based. We pay our respect to their elders, customs and creation spirits. We also acknowledge the important role Aboriginal and Islander people play throughout communities across the globe.