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Beautiful & unique hand-crafted gifts, made by skilled artisans from different corners of the world.

Your purchase goes beyond just the product. It not only helps support the small businesses we source our products from, we also donate 50% of our profits to The Fig Tree Children who are providing orphaned and vulnerable children in Sierra Leone with opportunities to thrive.

About Us

Hi, I’m Jane. I live in Brisbane, Australia with my husband, Jeremy, our son, Harry and our dog, Leila. Thank you for visiting my Gift Shop, I know you’re going to love all the gifts I’ve selected for you. Not only are they all gorgeous, but each one is sustainably and ethically made and is supporting the talented artisans, small businesses and social enterprises I source the products from. Also, please have a look at The Fig Tree Children website and see who your purchase will also be helping. A combination of loving the products and wanting to raise funds to help The Fig Tree Children after they leave school is my inspiration for this social enterprise. Our Story.

Have fun shopping!

Who your purchase is supporting

We donate 50% of our profits to The Fig Tree Children.

The Fig Tree Children are currently supporting 85 orphaned and vulnerable children and youths in Sierra Leone. Through a sponsorship scheme, they are paying school or tertiary education fees and provide school materials every year. They also support the children’s carers by paying them an allowance every month to help care for the child. They now have the challenge of helping the children after leaving school realise their dreams and become self-sufficient in a country where 60% of youths are unemployed.

The Fig Tree Gift Shop is another way we are raising funds for their cause.

So far we have donated $9,465.

Here you can see some of the young people we’re supporting:

Studying nursing

Studying IT

Diploma in Banking & Finance

Studying nursing

Our Makers & Suppliers

Kenana Knitters (Kenana Down Under)

Threads of Hope

Lopez Garcia Family (Novica)

Better World Arts
Australia & Kashmir

Catch Coeur
Sydney & Paris

Komang Sri (Novica)

Sow 'n Sow
Queensland, Australia

Mayan Legacy

Twigg Puzzles
Queensland, Australia

Community Projects Worldwide
Queensland, Australia

Glass On The Grass

Zaya and Kai
New South Wales, Australia


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It’s National Pig Day today 🐷 This little guy was hand-knitted by one of the amazing @kenana.knitters ladies in Kenya. He’s made out of homespun wool and is naturally dyed. Buy him through our website and use HAPPY PIG at checkout and receive a 15% discount.
Join us in celebrating pigs the world over 🌍 We also donate 50% of our profits to @thefigtreechildren who are providing opportunities for orphaned and vulnerable children and youth in Sierra Leone 🇸🇱 #happypigday #nationalpigday🐷 #socialenterpriseaustralia #socialenterprise #thefigtreegiftshop

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THE BUNDU CREAM OWL 🦉: Crafted with care from 100% Kenyan wool, dyed with eco-friendly plant hues, and knitted by skilled hands. Each little critter is unique, just like the hands that crafted it. 🌿✨

But it’s not just a cute addition to your space – it’s a gift that gives back! 💖 50% of our profits from your purchase go to @thefigtreechildren, supporting at-risk youth in Sierra Leone. 🌍 Let’s knit a brighter future together!

Grab yours now and make a difference! Link in bio. 🌟

#BunduCreamOwl #HandmadeWithLove #GiveBackWithArt

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Bringing the Joy of Gifting to Bardon Market! 🎉✨ Sharing smiles and spreading happiness with our unique products! Visit our online gift shop and explore the perfect presents for your loved ones.

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Unveiling the beauty of culture and compassion in every detail. 🌍✨

These exquisite trinket boxes, handcrafted from recycled paper, bring together the rich heritage of Kashmiri papier-mâché and the vibrant artistry of Aboriginal designers. The breathtaking artwork on this box, painted by the talented Josette Papajua, tells a story of unity and creativity.

But it doesn’t end there! Your purchase isn’t just a celebration of art; it’s a contribution to something bigger. 50% of our profits are donated to The Fig Tree Children, an organisation weaving dreams for orphaned and vulnerable children and youths in Sierra Leone. 🌈✨

Make a difference with every box – shop now and be a part of positive change! 🛍️💖

#ArtWithPurpose #SupportTheFigTreeChildren #HandcraftedGoodness #SocialEnterpriseAustralia #socialenterprise

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Meet Lucy Njeri: The Artisan Behind the Magic 🌟

In 2005, Lucy embarked on a journey with Kenana Knitters, bringing her remarkable knitting skills to the forefront. 🧣🧦 Despite facing tough times in her own business due to the influx of secondhand clothing, Lucy`s determination led her to embrace a new beginning with Kenana.

Today, she`s a beacon of excellence in knitting, always eager to take on exciting new projects. 💪 Her relentless work ethic and passion for her craft have earned her the well-deserved second spot in overall production at Kenana.

Support Lucy`s incredible artistry and discover the heartwarming stories woven into each hand-knitted masterpiece! ❤️ click the link in our bio!

#KenanaKnitters #MeetTheArtists #HandmadeWithLove #EmpoweringArtisans #socialenterprise #socialenterpriseaustalia

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Embrace the beauty of nature and celebrate birthdays in a blooming paradise! With Sow ‘n Sow’s Happy Birthday Picnic Gift of Seeds, you can bring a garden of joy to life, sowing the seeds of unforgettable memories. 🌼💖

Grow a delightful mix of snapdragon, cosmos, and cornflower, filling your garden, pots, and containers with endless pops of vibrant colours. Plus, it`s designed by the talented Melbourne artist, Daniella Germain, and proudly made in Australia, printed on 100% recycled card, and plastic-free. 🌿🎨

But the beauty doesn`t stop there! By purchasing this lovely gift, you`ll be supporting a great cause! 🤝💕 50% of our profits will be donated to The Fig Tree Children, an organisation providing opportunities to orphaned and vulnerable children and youths in Sierra Leone.

Let`s sow the seeds of love and make a positive impact together! Grab your Happy Birthday Picnic Gift of Seeds now and be a part of something truly meaningful. 🛍️✨

#SowAndSow #GiftOfSeeds #CelebrateWithNature #SpreadTheLove #SupportTheFigTreeChildren #socialenterpriseaustralia

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Delight your loved ones with purposeful and sustainable gifts that nurture the planet. 🌏✨ From the heart of Maleny on the Sunshine Coast, Sow `n Sow blooms with love for gardening and design, bringing you unique products crafted from 100% recycled materials and adorned with captivating artwork by talented Australian artists. 🎨💚

Explore their amazing collection now and be a part of the eco-friendly gifting movement! Don`t miss the chance to spread love while caring for our planet. Click the link in our bio! 💌🌍

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Our worry dolls, carefully sourced through Novica and handcrafted by the Lopez Garcia Family, are a true testament to the talent and tradition of Guatemalan artisans. 🤲✨ Each worry doll’s vibrant dress is lovingly woven on a traditional floor loom using soft cotton, making them an adorable companion to carry your worries away.

And guess what? Each cute doll comes with its very own little bag. Tell your worries to your worry doll, put her under your pillow at night and while you sleep, your little worry doll will take your worries away 🥰

Hand-crafted with love, every doll is unique, and no two are exactly alike. So expect a delightful surprise in the color department! 🎨

But wait, the beauty of these dolls goes beyond their charming appearance. By purchasing one, you’re not just supporting the skilled artisans of Guatemala, but you’re also making a difference in the lives of at-risk children and youth in Sierra Leone as we donate 50% of our profit to The Fig Tree Children! 🤝🌟

So why wait? Spread positivity and compassion one worry doll at a time, and join us in supporting The Fig Tree Children organisation. Together, let’s make a lasting impact! 🛍️💕

#WorryDolls #GuatemalaArtisans #HandwovenMagic #SupportTheCause #TheFigTreeChildren #Social Enterprise #takeyourworriesaway

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🌟 Introducing The Lopez Garcia Family! 🌟

Discover the enchanting world of “quitapena” or “worry dolls,” cherished by generations in Guatemala and Mexico. 🎁✨

Legend has it that these magical dolls hold the power to ease your burdens, just like the Mayan princess Ixmucane once did. 🌞 Share your worries with these exquisite handcrafted dolls, lovingly created by Aura Lopez and her family.

Embrace the tradition and spread the comfort! Shop now and bring home your own worry doll to share your troubles with. Let the ancient magic bring solace to your heart. 💕

👉 Click the link in our bio to explore the captivating collection!

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🌟 Elevate Your Relaxation Game 🌟

Introducing our exclusive Mayan Mexican Hammock Chairs - a true blend of comfort, style, and purpose! Handwoven with love in Mexico using our premium outdoor cotton, these beauties are FOUR times thicker than regular cotton, ensuring lasting durability for your outdoor adventures and cherished family moments.

Crafted by skilled artisans, the diamond-shaped design of the hammock weave guarantees unmatched comfort and strength with every swing. 🌈✨ And guess what? It’s all for a greater cause! 🤝🌍

When you choose our Deluxe XL Mexican Hammock Chair, you’re not only embracing supreme comfort but also making a difference in the lives of at-risk children and youth in Sierra Leone. With every purchase, we proudly donate 50% of our profits to support @thefigtreechildren - an organisation providing hope, opportunities, and a brighter future for orphaned children and youths in Sierra Leone 🌳💚

So why wait? Elevate your relaxation oasis and join the movement of positive change! Click the link in our bio to get your own Extra Large, Elegant Pom-Pom adorned hammock swing chair today.

Let’s swing for a better world together! 🌎🤗

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@allnewbardonmarkets Christmas market. It’s a hot one 🥵 #brisbanemarkets #thefigtreegiftshop #marketlife #merrychristmas ...

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Acknowledgement of Traditional Land Owners

The Fig Tree Gift Shop acknowledges and pays respect to the Turrbal and Jagera People, the traditional owners of Meanjin (Brisbane) the land where we are based. We pay our respect to their elders, customs and creation spirits. We also acknowledge the important role Aboriginal and Islander people play throughout communities across the globe.