ShooFly Food Cover – Kaleidoscope


Introducing the ideal food cover for your platter, a functional and stylish addition to your outdoor dining.

Crafted with ethical considerations in mind, this cover is made from recycled water bottles and adorned with weighted eco-linen in an array of captivating colors and prints. The stain-resistant mesh effortlessly repels spills and stains.

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Convenience meets versatility, as it's easy to use, wash, and conveniently portable in its matching linen pouch. Sized at a generous 60cm x 100cm, it's perfect for covering a coffee table, large platter, or two full-size plates.

Elevate your outdoor dining experience or surprise a food enthusiast with the perfect gift that combines sustainability and style.

Additional information

Weight 174 g
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm


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