Zaya and Kai

Introducing Zaya & Kai, the lifestyle brand born in the tranquil waters of Byron Bay. Their dedicated efforts are directed towards fashion sustainability, encouraging an outdoor lifestyle, and prioritising natural materials to foster the well-being of children and the planet for generations.

In 2018, Maria’s heart and vision expanded into a realm of tiny wonders as friends welcomed their newborns. These precious souls, poised to explore the beauty of the world for the first time, ignited a spark within her.

With a lifelong passion for textile design, harmonious living with nature, and embracing a low-tox lifestyle, Maria’s trajectory became abundantly clear.

Starting as a market stall in and around the Byron Shire, Zaya & Kai has evolved into a brand available online and in retail stores across Australia, America, and Europe. Their range now includes sustainable pieces for women and children, along with gritty ceramics handcrafted in sunny Byron Bay. For real-time updates and locations, explore their Instagram.

Ethical Manufacturing and Makers

Zaya & Kai prides itself on ethically manufacturing its products with carefully selected partners across India. Regular audits, along with GOTS and OEKO-TEX certifications, ensure a safe and supportive working environment for employees.

Maintaining strong relationships with their makers is integral to Zaya & Kai’s ethos. They work closely with and visit their manufacturers when possible, fostering mutual understanding and continuous ethical improvements.

Championing Natural Fibres

Zaya & Kai is on a mission to prioritise fibres of natural origin or recycled materials whenever possible. All organic materials are GOTS certified, and their dyes hold OEKO-TEX certification, signifying freedom from harmful chemicals.

Sustainability in the Studio

The studio operates on solar power, harnessing electricity directly from the sun. Zaya & Kai actively practices reduction and reuse, incorporating recycled paper into their daily operations.

Eco-friendly packaging

Every Zaya & Kai order is shipped in 100% compostable bags designed to break down within 3-5 years. Their commitment extends to the use of 100% recycled materials for swing tags, flyers, and cards.

Living with the Seasons

Zaya & Kai embraces living with the seasons, harmonising their practices with the natural rhythm of life.

Discover the essence of Zaya & Kai – where sustainability meets style, and a love for nature shapes every creation. πŸŒΏπŸ’™