Twigg Puzzles

An Australian-based jigsaw puzzle company that designs and creates its own range of bespoke wooden puzzles. They will not only surprise and delight you every time but also makes a perfect, unique gift for all occasions.

Kelly and Dave are a family of five living on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Their love for puzzles started from their early childhood days and has continued up to where they are now, with their own kids. Puzzles have provided them with the perfect opportunity to take time out from their busy schedules and get everyone involved around the table.

Apart from the cognitive benefits such as developing problem-solving, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination, what they love most about puzzles is the connection they provide as a family. They enjoy sharing, talking and laughing together. Inspired by their love for puzzles and family time, they decided to create their own puzzle brand – Twigg Puzzles.

Twigg puzzles

Kelly and Dave’s vision with Twigg Puzzles are to design unique, creative, and beautiful puzzles that bring delight every time. Dave himself designs and hand draws all the unusually shaped puzzle pieces. They add whimsical pieces themed to the puzzle, such as animals, characters, or geometric shapes.

Building Twigg puzzles is different from traditional puzzles as it engages the brain to look at shapes and colors in a new way. Kelly and Dave spend a lot of time carefully sourcing images and concepts for the puzzles. They want their puzzles to be works of art, something that you would want to frame and display after completing it. The images are not run-of-the-mill and are printed using technologically advanced methods on high-quality wood to ensure brilliant colors.

All their puzzles are designed to be challenging yet still enjoyable for the whole family. They take pride in the quality of their puzzles and hope that you enjoy them as much as they and we do.

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