Mayan Legacy

Mayan Legacy is a family-run business, owned by Alicia and Paul who are of Australian and Mexican descent. They work with skilled adult tradespeople in rural Mexican communities to create top-notch hammocks, hammock chairs, and artisanal items. Based in Brisbane, Australia, Mayan Legacy is known for its premium products and exceptional customer service.

Mayan Legacy was founded in 2002 with the goal of creating fair and consistent employment for local Mayan artisans. Alicia and Paul are dedicated to making high-quality products and giving families from small Mexican communities a chance to earn a fair and decent income.

The Makers

Alicia has assembled two teams of passionate ladies from small towns around Merida, each team consisting of around 15 dedicated artisans. These ladies, located an hour away from Merida, embraced the job opportunity with enthusiasm.

Mayan Legacy works closely with the artisans to ensure the quality of each product and continuously expands its offerings, including thick cotton strings, double-stitched nylon, crocheted hammocks and chairs, steel and hardwood frames, and more. Immerse yourself in Mayan heritage with every purchase.

Committed to Fair Trade

Mayan Legacy is committed to Fair Trade principles, ensuring fair compensation for their craft and addressing the disparity in job opportunities in these communities.

The dedication to Fair Trade is a cornerstone of the Mayan Legacy ethos, fostering happiness and pride among the talented artisans. The synergy of the best artisans in Yucatan, a commitment to Fair Trade practices, and personal engagement results in the creation of some of the finest Mexican hammocks in the market.

Mayan Legacy Mexican Hammocks and Chairs

Mexican Hammocks are renowned for their comfort and are considered the best style of hammocks globally. The secret to their comfort lies in the hand weaving using thin strings, creating a net bed that offers excellent air circulation, making it ideal for hot weather like summers in Australia. Unlike fabric or canvas hammocks, Mexican hammocks are not limited by the material’s structure, allowing them to conform to the shape of the user.

Rope hammocks, on the other hand, use chunky cotton rope and typically include a spreader bar, which makes them less comfortable. The rope’s thickness and the spreader bar create larger holes in the weave, reducing the hammock’s comfort and its ability to stretch.

Mexican hammocks, lacking spreader bars, offer a unique experience where the user becomes the “spreader.” When lying diagonally or across the hammock, the hammock wraps around the curves of the body, providing excellent support and comfort. This is why many people worldwide prefer to sleep in Mexican hammocks.