The Lopez Garcia

Aura Lopez and her family create “quitapena” or “worry dolls,” which are traditional in Guatemala and Mexico.

According to legend, the Mayan princess Ixmucane received a gift from the sun god, making her capable of solving any person’s problem. As a result, people began making dolls to share their worries with.

How to use a Worry Doll

To use a worry doll, simply remove it from its bag, share your worries and fears with it, then place it under your pillow overnight. The next day, your problems are said to be smaller or resolved.

These worry dolls have become very popular, and we’ve been able to help the Lopez Garcia family make a living crafting them. Many people in their community also make these dolls, inspiring them to improve the quality and make each one with love.

Their work is mainly done by women, who appreciate the flexibility to work from home and care for their children. This work has brought their family together, giving them shared goals and opportunities to showcase their beautiful creations. People around the world value their worry dolls and find them meaningful.

By buying a worry doll from us, not only are you supporting The Fig Tree Children but you are also helping support this small family business in Guatemala 🧡

Worry Dolls

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