Kenshi Candles

Kenshi Candles began with the inspiring journey of Liam Foldi, who at just 12 years old, developed a love for reading. By the time he was 14, a school trip to FareShare, a charity kitchen in Melbourne, sparked a determination in him to address the growing issue of hunger and food insecurity in Australia. And thus, Kenshi Candles was born.

Liam’s story quickly spread, and Kenshi Candles grew steadily. The humble beginnings of candle production in Liam’s bedroom soon moved to the kitchen bench for the first hand-pour, and then expanded to the family garage to accommodate increasing demand.

Throughout school holidays and weekends, Liam’s friends joined in to help make candles. The operation soon outgrew the garage, leading to a significant transformation for Kenshi Candles.

In 2019, Liam partnered with the Chin refugee community from Myanmar, residing in Melbourne’s west, to produce the candles. After escaping civil war and spending years as refugees, many Chin community members found it challenging to secure employment due to language barriers. Kenshi Candles provided them with a reliable source of income, making a profound impact on their lives.

The Chin refugee community

From April 2019 to September 2021, the Chin refugee community made candles in Jacob’s garage. After producing around 20,000 candles over 2.5 years, Kenshi Candles expanded to a dedicated facility in Sunshine, capable of producing over 500 candles and diffusers daily.

This professional space allows Kenshi Candles to host corporate days, where groups can support the amazing work being done and learn about the challenges faced by the Chin community and their families back in Myanmar.

Liam decided to focus solely on eradicating hunger in Australia, using Kenshi Life Changing Candles and Diffusers to feed thousands of people each year. Along with other members of the Make A Difference Community, Kenshi has funded over 170 tonnes of pasta and rice for homeless individuals and families in need.

While Liam was offered a full scholarship to Princeton University in the USA, his father Michael, known as the “Candle Boy’s Father,” stepped in to continue Liam’s vision. Michael has been instrumental in funding substantial volumes of food for Australians facing hardship, working towards the goal of eradicating hunger in Australia.

Jacob Thang – Director of Chin Myanmar Community Care

With increased production capacity, Kenshi Candles quickly gained support from hundreds of new partners, eager to help feed more people. In 2023, Kenshi purchased and distributed over 12 tonnes of pasta and rice in Australia and Myanmar.

Jacob and Michael visited the war-torn Chin State in Myanmar to witness the devastating effects of the civil war. With no NGOs on the ground, Kenshi Candles donated over 6 tonnes of rice directly to families who had fled their homes and were living in makeshift camps in India and remote areas of the Chin State.

Shop our ‘Kenshi’ Candles

Exceptional quality candles that smell amazing and burn reliably, using the highest quality materials:

Natural Soy Wax: Ensures a clean, environmentally friendly burn without additives or preservatives. Unlike “soy blend” candles containing harmful paraffin, Kenshi uses 100% natural soy wax.

High-Grade Australian Fragrance Oils: Sourced from trusted Australian suppliers, these IFRA-certified oils are of superior quality, vegan-friendly, and free from parabens and phthalates.

100% Cotton Wicks: Promote an optimal, even burn without lead or harmful substances, ensuring a safe and clean experience.

Sustainable Packaging: Made from 100% recycled materials, reflecting Kenshi’s commitment to minimising environmental impact and contributing to a sustainable future.