Komang Sri

“Every effort leads to a result, every problem must be faced with peace….”

Born in Ubud, Komang Sri has a deep love for her hometown. Known for its serene beauty and artistic inspiration, Ubud features stunning terraced rice fields and is renowned for its beautiful wood carvings and traditional paintings.

Komang’s father is a skilled woodcarver who creates sculptures from raw logs, and her late mother used to sell the finished pieces in local tourist areas and the Sukawati art market, often taking Komang along.

Komang’s story

Starting at age 12, Komang began to assist with sanding, polishing, and other finishing work and eventually learned the carving process herself. Honoring her parents’ legacy, she wants to expand their workshop and bring their carvings to a wider audience.

As a married mother of two, Komang works with her father and five helpers, using materials sourced directly from local farmers. Working with manual tools, they create their carvings from coconut shells, bamboo, and various types of wood, including Suar wood. The income from their work helps support her family, including paying for her children’s education.

Komang Sri’s wooden hearts

A beautiful ornament wooden heart has been hand-carved from suar wood, showcasing its stunning natural grain. The ornaments feature open-heart shapes, crafted by talented Balinese artisan, Komang Sri.

Hand-carved Wooden Heart